The Top Best Feature of Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 just introduces with new upcoming top best interactive features to provide its users a high level of computing with better user- interface and more engaging stuff. With new windows, you can perform many tasks at one click with the immediate launch. Though, since from its released Windows 10 have been regularly criticizing for many bugs and patches creating problems for users.

But now after few updates, windows 10 is available for all devices but before you move to this Operating System, you should have knowledge about its key features that are making is popular. Here below we brought top best features of windows 10 that you can use to improve your efficiency. If you want to more knowledge of update window 10 and facing any problem then you can call our Microsoft Support Number.


New Apps Display with Quick-Access

The windows for application access are completely different especially in terms of display and availability. Rather than expanded look on the whole screen in windows 8, now it comes with easier to understand home screen especially from mouse pointer point of view. Every one of these applications introduced into your framework automatically conform itself to best fit to the extent of your screen. You can quickly get to your day by day utilize applications like Mails, Chat, Photos, and Calendar and so on.

Continuum for Easy Application of Devices

Microsoft added a new feature in Windows 10.This is the best new best feature Microsoft found out today. That allows users to easily use on-the-fly mode for 2 in 1 devices that can automatically change mode if it detects there is suddenly no keyboard attached. When you disconnect the keyboard on your laptop, for touch-screen tablet it will reboot with start menu and apps will be launched into full-screen mode for easier navigation. However, if you are facing any problem you can take call our Microsoft Phone Number to look after the matter professionally and solve your issues.



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