Delete and restore Microsoft Account | Microsoft Help Number

Now a day’s every one of us is with PC for personal & professional work. If you are a Microsoft Office 365 admin, you need to delete a user account when necessary. Suppose if an employee leaves your company, you need to delete his user account. one time you will delete his user account, other persons can’t be able to utilize his account. You give a license to that utilization certain features of Microsoft Office 365 Setup. Office 365 licenses connected with the user account also become free once you delete the account. But you don’t use their information still if their Microsoft account is deleted. You can utilize One Drive to store your information in the cloud. You can also reassign a license without deleting the related user account.If you are not able to restore Microsoft user account Call Our Microsoft Help Number  for more information.


Delete the account for one or additional users in Microsoft office 365

Step 1 Sign in to Microsoft Office 365
Step 2 Go to the Microsoft Office 365 admin Centre.
Step 3 Then Go to users  Select  Active users.
Step 4 Select the name of the users that you want to Remove and then select DELETE.
Step 5  In the verification box, Click on Yes.

Restore Microsoft Office User Account

Step 1 Go to users select  Active Users Select Deleted users.
Step 2 On the delete users page, select the name of the users that you want to restore and then select Restore users.
Step 3 In the verification box, select Close.

If you are unable to restore Microsoft user account at the same time. Then you can restore the failed user account on your own. Still, you need any more help? Please feel free to contact our Microsoft Phone Number.


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